Crop Steering Reimagined...


Introducing WeightSense! A next generation Crop Management System
with the ability to precision irrigate based on plant weight & balance

It's time to balance the field and collect data like never before!

WeightSense™ Blog


Manage watering events, track labor movement and eliminate over/under watering all while increasing yield.


Monitor fruits and vegetables from anywhere and provide precision dosing based on real-time plant weights...


Track plant health, yield, environment, watering events and more


Fast-track SOP development and monitor all plant activity throughout your facility


A quick note on the importance of water conservation

Water conservation is of utmost importance in the agricultural sector due to its significant water usage and impact on global food production. Water is a finite resource, and as the global population continues to grow, the demand for food increases. Agriculture is a sector that heavily relies on water for irrigation, livestock production, and crop growth. Water conservation in agriculture ensures the sustainable production of food to meet the growing global demand. By optimizing water use, farmers can enhance crop yields, improve agricultural productivity, and contribute to global food security. Efficient irrigation practices, such as drip irrigation or precision watering, deliver water directly to plant roots, minimizing losses due to evaporation or runoff. By promoting efficient water use, implementing modern irrigation techniques, and supporting farmers in adopting sustainable practices, we can ensure the long-term viability of agriculture while safeguarding our water resources for future generations.

Looking to eliminate inefficiencies? Now is the time!

At its core, BlueSky Harvests is a company founded on principles of innovation and progression through product development.We strive to use our experience and develop strategies to assist progression in the agricultural industry. Designed by, and for growers.

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Through his work with PharmOut (and beyond), countless client engagements, conference attendances and intensive training sessions - Andrew has helped many groups understand the importance of GMP/GACP design considerations and how to successfully position themselves within the international cannabis market.

Joel CheneyDirector of Global PartnershipsThrive Agritech, Inc.

Andrew played a major role in our proprietary hemp storage system that has kept our hemp safe since last fall’s harvest. Though we hired Andrew for a custom racking system, he couldn’t have been more generous with his time and expertise. I highly recommend working with Andrew.

Broe - Kristen (Founder)
Andrew’s expertise is invaluable to CannaPacific and we look forward to continuing to work with him now and into the future and would highly recommend Andrew to any Australian or NZ company looking to find expertise within the medical cannabis industry.

Josh Dennis Founder CannaPacific

I‘m always impressed by Andrew’s knowledge in all aspects of cultivation, processing and market needs. Andrew combines sharp analysis skills with strong intuition - a perfect match for GACP cannabis cultivation.I am highly confident in my recommendation and believe that Andrew would be great for any company looking to innovate.

Dr. Marc PlinkeFounder Ceres GH

At the time Andrew was the Project Leader, acting in the position of Master Grower for PharmOut. Andrew is in our opinion a well informed and knowledgeable professional on cannabis activity. We have attended seminars on cannabis cultivation, having Andrew as a main speaker, namely in Melbourne Dec. 2018, Medical Cannabis Cultivation Training.

Jorge - Project in Portugal
Without hesitation, I am happy to recommend Andrew, as I know he would be an amazing asset to your team.

Mike Nieson