Unlock the power of a complete Crop Management System...

What are some of the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of cultivation? Watering events!

Commercial Solutions

  • WeightSense Adapt tracks labor movement, growth rates, watering events, pruning events and more.  
  • Set "tare weights" for low and high water marks. Receive text messages and/or instruct solenoids to open for24/7 watering schedule.
  • Fast-track SOP development and provide baseline for productivity within months
  • Eliminate over and under watering events and manual irrigation!
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  • Eliminate over and under watering events and manual irrigation
  • Automate individual bench and/or tier racks based on realtime weights, plant uptake and/or program desired
  • Develop predictions/models on future yields, using the data collected from each specific cultivar - relative to irrigation/environment
  • Help predict stress events such as pest pressures, inconsistant watering events and more.

    Note: Some methods of cultivation are more appropriate for WeightSense Adapt than others. Please see our FAQ for more information


  • Adjust climate based on real-time dry time analytics  
  • Standardize consistency in moisture contentpre-packaging 
  • Compare weight-to-moisture loss
  • Monitor inventory 24/7

    Provide buyers with real-time harvest projections and certificates based on growth rate data.