Considered a complete Crop Management System (CMS), the goal of WeightSense™ is to establish a vertically
integrated mission control center that can monitor your crop from seed-to-sale and provide
precision irrigation in real-time.

We offer two solutions for your CMS: WeightSense™ Pro and WeightSense™ Adapt

WeightSense™ Pro

Perfect for home-use or commercial operations, WeightSense Pro is a cost-effective, stand-alone unit shipped with instructions to install on a single rolling bench, vertical rack (cultivator or inventory) or hanging dry-rack system. Great for research and development projects, breeding programs and/or to reduce the stress of manual watering. Manage the performance anywhere in the world with the peace of mind that comes from a dedicated grow app.

We understand consistent irrigation cycles can be difficult to achieve, and time consuming. WeightSense was developed to combat one of the most frustrating aspects of irrigation - targeted irrigation! Operators have access to valuable data pertaining to irrigation control, real-time workflow, over/under watering events, plant health and more!

WeightSense™ Adapt

Considered a complete CMS (Crop Management System), WeightSense Adapt can become your BMS and is ideal for commercial applications. Monitor and control your facility from one user friendly App from any where in the world. Manage watering events like never before with solenoids placed at the foot of each bed, pulse watered based on real time transpiration rates. Adjust light levels based on "weight and balance" in the field -

Monitor growth rates, watering cycles, workflow, over/under watering events, inconsistent uptake (due to pest pressures, disease, etc), pruning events, excessive drying and even theft events.

You are the grower and control the narrative - we provide the solution for consistent success...

Start with the Pro and expand into Adapt anytime

WeightSense™ User

Designed by growers, for growers - Access the web-based app from any tablet, phone or computer to monitor your facility and irrigation schedules like never before. Receive customer service and cultivation support throughout commissioning as desired. All data remains proprietary and on-site.  

Details Coming Soon! Stock photo

SunTier™ - Our in-house bench and vertical systems

For new construction, retrofits or home applications we can provide the complete package, platform and WeightSense™. With the cost of industry leading cultivation systems, we offer a cost-less effective solution with the ability to install WeighSense™ at a later date.

Lease options and early adoption discounts are available

All data remains onsite and controlled by the operator

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