Frequently Asked Questions About WeightSense

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Can you install weightsensors on multiple levels? (+)

Yes. We can install weight sensors in-between each tier rack level for maximum situational awareness and precision automation.

How long will it take to receive the installed system? (+)

A representative from BlueSky Harvests will come out and provide an initial onsite evaluation of the project at hand. Later you receive a 3D rendering of your facility, time tables and final quote. Generally from signing to install you are looking at between 2 - 4 months.

What type of cultivation is best for WeightSense Pro and.or Adapt (+)

Important question - I would say WSP is ideal for research/breeding programs, and those looking to increase efficiency using the notification feature. WSP can inform cultivators of the ideal time to water via text or web-based app.

WSP can be applied to nearly every form of cultivation from a data collection standpoint - aeroponics, hydroponics, soil, etc.

WSA does not make sense in aeroponic, hydroponic and some forms of soil mediums. That said, it is ideal for soil, soilless, raised beds and any form of cultivation in which cycles are not consistent.

What if I have existing cultivation systems (ie: tables, benches, racking)? (+)

BlueSky Harvests provides custom brackets that can affix to nearly any cultivation system out in the field. You send us the specifications, we manufacture a solution and install the final product.

Can I install WeightSense in just a portion of my facility? (+)

Absolutely! WeightSense is not required on every rolling bench or tier rack. You can install the system in 10% of the facility to get a "general theme" of events occurring. Generally speaking, the Pro would be ideal for this application. Although you can set Adapt to irrigate the entry room, based on data collected from just 10% of the overall crop.

Are your products sustainable and robust? (+)

Yes. We work with companies to ensure all products are developed with sustainability in mind. Additionally, understand the cultivation environment and spare no expense on quality. Our systems are rated IP67 or higher and require little to no maintenance. Staff rarely know WS has been installed.

Our sales team would be happy to discuss the process and materials further.

How does WeightSense impact employee work loads? (+)

Both WeightSense Pro and Adapt can significantly reduce employee input and physical strain. Not only does WSA automate irrigation, it provides precision dosage based on real-time growth rates and uptake. This removes the guessing game, and time/energy required to irrigate.

Can you instal the system during an active cycle? (+)

Yes. In most circumstances, we can install the system while plants remain on the support structure.

Tell me more about the subscription service (+)

The subscription services provides above all else, a grower-designed user interface. Cloud computing/storage, monthly software upgrades, private customer service/grow support, comparison charts come standard. Onboard hard drives insure data storage redundancy, the operator can access the onsite control center and remove the data at any time. One of the most 3rd party audits insure the data has not been shared in anyway, complete lockdown service agreement between the customer and BSH. Part of the subscription fee provides this level of security to the platform. Unfortunately WS will not function properly without an active subscription. In the future we will offer more advanced packages that include AI assisted suggestion based modeling, specific to your facility.

How do the "programs" work? (+)

WeighSense does not come "pre-programed". WeightSense just makes the operators life easier by acting as an assistant. The operator works with the software, builds the best program (cultivar specific) though-out the cycle and future cycles can be more or less automated. The grower is always in-control, he/she receives notifications relating to potential growth irregularities (due to pest or disease pressures), and employee workflow but can allow Adapt to handle irrigation without lifting a pot or hand watering.

How much Revenue can you save with WeightSense Adapt? (+)

Consider a 15% - 30% increase in yield and a 10% increase in speed of maturity relating to soil/soilless mediums

Employee reduction depends on method of cultivation and facility size, assume roughy one employee per 250m2 on average.

Quality and consistency will certainly increase, just not sure how to quantify this yet...