The future of Seed-to-Sale tracking...

Track API growth development via plant growth-rate characteristics throughout the
production process. Enable creative cultivation, using algorithmic expereince...

Research and Development

  • Fast-track SOP development and provide baseline for productivity
  • Monitor direct relationship between watering events and growth characteristics
  • Compare METRIC data with real time growth data. This provides operators with an extra step of compliance regulators prefer to see
  • Develop a library of cultivar specific growth characteristics like never before!


  • Help manage waste logs and pruning events
  • Develop dry rate records to increase consistency and manage recalls 
  • Adjust climate based on real-time transpiration analytics


  • Integrate with WfMS, SOP and other BMS software platforms
  • Synk pot weight with PAR levels and irrigation pulse rates
  • Compare METRC data with real-time data