Turn your BMS into a CMS - Crop Management System

Monitor API specific workflow while simultaneously controlling various systems based on real-time plant weights

Crop Management System

  • Collect growth data relative to cultivation and environmental events. Develop futures modeling for customers/buyers
  • Monitor cure rates and adjust environment accordingly
  • Install system on inventory racks to monitor stock in real time

Key Features:

  • Set "tare weights" for low and high water marks
  • Correlate past and present grow cycles to increase quality/efficiency 
  • Provide future harvest predictions to buyers and partners

Predictive Modeling:

  • Compare multiple harvests for relative analysis. Perfect for the future of AI and GI - collect the data now!
  • Data is protected with onsite redundant storage solutions and privacy protocols developed by the operator

Key Features:

  • Antimicrobial, antifungal riser material (star-board) 
  • Handles high UV intensity 
  • Choose between # of tray levels & height  
  • Reduce root-zone heat buildup and cross-contamination
  • Greatly reduced water and pesticide use
  • Fresh as it gets


  • Go Vertical! 1/3rd floor space to grow space 
  • Increase available floor space up to 8x
  • Low energy cost
  • Low water use (depending on grow method)
  • Low distribution and processing inefficiencies