Introducing WeightSense™ Pro and WeightSense Adapt!

The Revolutionary new weight-sensing system for cultivation facilities. Crop steering reimagined ~

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product line, the WeightSense™ Pro and Adapt – a revolutionary new plant weight-sensing product that will take your crop-steering to the next level. With advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology, the WeightSense™ Pro is designed to help you track plant growth characteristics, manage watering schedules, employee workflow and progress towards quality/yield goals like never before. As first to market, you can only find this technology at BlueSky Harvests. Monitor all plants, all the time…. 
Here are just a few of its standout features:
1.    Fast track SOP development: With real time growth rate data, the WeightSense™ Pro is perfect for those looking to understand plant development characteristics in real time. 
2.    Software integration: The WeightSense™ Pro integrates seamlessly with our companion IOT, which provides detailed insights and personalized recommendations based on your data. 
3.    Predictive modeling: With its ability to monitor your cultivation space, the WeightSense™ Pro can offer a window into the future and help Fastrack breeding programs. 
4.    Seed to sale monitoring: The WeightSense™ Procan monitor all cultivation, drying and inventory space to provide operators complete situational awareness - GxP friendly. 
5.    Adapted to new and existing facilities: TheWeightSense™ Pro can be scaled to any size space; custom brackets provide universal attachment to most bench and vertical farm systems. Additionally, the system can integrate with 3rd party sensors – probes, microphones, speakers, etc.

But that's not all – the WeightSense™ Adaptive features precision dosing control. In addition to data collection, WeightSense™ Adapt allows for precision dosing of individual bench and tier racks – effectively eliminating over/under watering events and employee engagement, giving you a more consistent and healthier product. This will translate to increased yield, higher consistency, and lower disease pressures. 
The WeightSense™ is available for purchase now, and we're offering a pre- launch discount for a limited time. Don't miss your chance to experience the future of weight sensing – order your WeightSense™ Pro and become part of the future in crop steering.