WeightSense™ Calculator

The goal of WeightSense™ is to establish a vertically integrated mission control center, one that can monitor your facility from seed-to-sale and provide precision irrigation. Considered a complete Crop Management System (CMS), proprietary weight-sensing brackets fixate to (most) bench legs,
tier racks or hanging rack systems to provide complete situational awareness. The operator will have access to valuable
data pertaining to irrigation control, real-time workflow, over/under watering events, plant health and more!

We offer two solutions for your CMS: WeightSense™ Pro and WeightSense™ Adapt

Our retail (residential) vertical systems provide clean and efficient farming and organic drying methods. Looking to produce sustainable veggies at home or in your restaurant? At a foot-print of 2x4ft, our retail racks are highly efficient space-savers that can be packed and stored into a custom box. Component pieces offer the opportunity to interchange a curing system with a harvest system and vice versa. Simply put, we have worked tirelessly to bring energy, water and space savings into your home so you can create a professional operation affordably.

WeightSense™ Pro

WeightSense Pro provides users with a complete Crop Management System (CMS). Leading data collection relating to growth rates, watering cycles, workflow events and anything else weight-monitoring can provide; see how real-time conditions affect real-time growth rates.

Our standard kit comes with weight sensors (+ required brackets) and Temp/RH/CO2 for each room. In addition to the standard kit, 3rd party sensors (we provide) can be placed anywhere along the IOT line. This includes but is not limited to: PAR/UV, Infrared Thermometers (for VPD assessment), PH/TDS, Water Flow, Water Alarm, Time-lapse Cameras and anything compatible with the IOT architecture.

The Pro offers text notifications, based on set-points you program to inform of over/under watering events, inconsistent uptake (due to pest pressures, disease, etc), pruning events, excessive drying, theft events and more. You are the grower, and control the narrative - we provide the solution for consistent success.

WeightSense™ Adapt

Weightsense™ Adapt was developed to combat one of the most frustrating aspects of irrigation - targeting irrigation.We understand maintaining consistent irrigation cycles can be difficult to achieve, and time consuming. Weightsense™ Adapt provides all of the benefits of the Pro, with the ability to automate irrigation, lighting and HVACD. WeightSense™ Adapt will manage irrigation on individual bench or rack systems (and/or each level) based on real-time moisture levels. Additionally, WSA has the ability to tap into your lighting and HVACD platform and manage scheduling as required.

As an example: Due to the inconsistency of some greenhouse lighting, Weightsense™ can assess real-time light/transpiration conditions and spot-dose accordingly. Eliminate over and under watering events today!

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